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Vissco Meek Clavicle Brace - Adult (PC 0802)

AED 39.90
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AED 39.90

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Highlights :
Scientifically designed to provide optimal support to the clavicle region
Provides perfect fitting and helps you to maintain proper posture
Soft cushioning feature to ensure more comfort
Has special soft padding to reduce pressure on your shoulder
Useful in Clavicle fracture, Acromioclavicular joint and sterno clavicular joint injury Overview : When to use: management of clavicle fracture acromioclavicular and scapular separations due to sprain posture correction in case of stooped shoulder benefits of use: optimal support to clavicle and acromioclavicular joint maintain correct posture of shoulder features: special soft padding covered with cotton knit fabric triangular pattern for two way adjustment at back easy and comfortable to apply with the use of hook and loop fasteners available.


Size Adult

Fulfilled byMedikabazaar

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