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Vissco Heating Belt - Active XL PC H4009

AED 79.80
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AED 79.80

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Highlights :
When to use: the heating belt enables uniform warmth to the affected areas resulting in instant joint pain relief
Scientific & safe design: the dual thermostat helps to control the temperature and the heating level
How to use: place the heating belt around the painful area
Product care: do not use while sleeping, do not wash, do not iron, hand wash cover only, do not fold, keep away from children Overview : Vissco Heating Belt helps to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and improve recovery. The heating belt orthopedically supports the body area by providing instant heat. Reduces muscle soreness, decrease joint stiffness and relieve pain and discomfort for orthopaedic problems. The dual thermostat provided helps to control the temperature and the heating level. Electric controller switch with 3 levels of heating low, medium and high
6 layers of insulation and ensures 100% safety.


Size XL

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