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Unimed Unisilk Suture - Cutting USP 2-0 Pack of 12 (S 9797)image tag

Unimed Unisilk Suture - Cutting USP 2-0 Pack of 12 (S 9797)

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AED 40.95

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Highlights :
Type-non absorbable.
Individual filaments of the highest quality silk are specially treated, including degumming, to give good handling properties. The filaments are then twisted together and braided.
The braid is made up of a core of twisted silk around which a cover is plaited.
Processes are applied to ensure regularity of diameter, surface smoothness and the best extention for good knotting characteristics.
Waxes are applied to ensure smooth tissue passage and to minimise wicking. Overview : Uses-Areas where non-absorbable sutures are indicated without the need for long-term wound support. The most popular indication is for skin closure. Sterilised by Gamma irradiation. UniSilk sutures are guaranteed to meet the general requirements of the British Pharmacopoeia (B.P.), the European Pharmacopoeia(Ph.Eur.), and the United States Pharmacopoeia(U.S.P.).

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