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Tegaderm 3M Film Dressings 5 x 7 x 20 Cm Transparent

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AED 189

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The Tegaderm 3M Film Dressings in the size of 5 x 7 x 20 cm offer a reliable and versatile solution for wound care, IV site protection, and other medical applications. These transparent film dressings are designed to create a sterile environment over the wound or insertion site while allowing for easy visual monitoring.


1. Transparent Film:The transparency allows for visual monitoring of the wound or insertion site without needing to remove the dressing.

2. Sterile and Waterproof: Tegaderm dressings are sterile and waterproof, protecting the wound or IV site from external contaminants, while allowing the patient to shower or bathe without compromising the dressing's integrity.

3. Gentle Adhesive: The dressings feature a gentle, yet secure adhesive that provides optimal adhesion without causing skin trauma upon removal.

4. Versatile Use: These dressings are suitable for a variety of applications, including wound care, IV site protection, and the securement of medical devices. They are often used in hospitals, clinics, and home care settings.

5. Easy Application: Tegaderm dressings are designed for easy and efficient application by healthcare professionals. They typically feature an easy-to-peel liner for quick and precise placement.

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