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SMI Supramid Black Sutures - USP 3-0 4200116 Pack of 12image tag

SMI Supramid Black Sutures - USP 3-0 4200116 Pack of 12

AED 52.50
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AED 52.50

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Highlights :
Non-absorbable suture material
Atraumatic needle-thread combination
Synthetic thread for minimal tissue reaction
Twisted thread construction with high tensile strength
Reduced capillary action Overview : Supramid Black suture from SMI is a coated polyamide multifilament for permanent tissue retention. The synthetic yarn is non-absorbable and causes only minor tissue reactions. The twisted thread construction provides optimal handling properties due to high tensile strength and knot security with good adjustability. The coated thread construction reduces capillary action of the suture material. The ready-to-use needle-thread combinations are available in various needle and thread strengths. Specifications :
USP 3-0
Color Black
Code 4200116

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