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DMP Velfix-Edge Transparent IV Dressing - 6cm x 7cm Pack of 10image tag

DMP Velfix-Edge Transparent IV Dressing - 6cm x 7cm Pack of 10

AED 40.43
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AED 40.43

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Highlights :

  • Window frame design to allow continuous observation of the IV site
  • Offers waterproof sterile barrier to external contaminants
  • Stabilization non-woven borders to maximise securement, breathability & wear time
  • Notched design to discourage edge lift
  • Comes with 2 securement tape strips & a pre-printed documentation label

Overview :

Velfix-edge is non-woven bordered IV dressings coated with latex free adhesive. Frame delivery system for precise placement. Highly conformable to provide solutions for difficult catheters and IV sites. Promotes best practice and enhanced patient comfort with additional securement strips and date labels. Window Framed delivery system allows for one handed application and prevents dressing sticking to itself. Deep notched design forms a barrier to secondary infection and bacterial contamination.


6cm x 7cm
White with transaparent window
Poly-Urethane Transparent Film

Fulfilled byMedikabazaar

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