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Purell Foot Operated Floor Stand

AED 294
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AED 294

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Highlights :
• Easy to Operate and hand free with any Size of Dispenser Pump Bottle and adjustable sanitizer holder (Bottle or Sanitizer not included)
• Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Courier Services, industries, temples, Restaurents, Hotel, Mosque, Shopping malls, Airports, • Theaters, Bus and railway Stations, Sports complex, Education Institutes and all gathering places
• Foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser stand in simple and sleek design. 100% mechanical – no batteries or power needed
• strong & firm frame
• sturdy built Overview : The hand sanitizer foot dispensers the perfect safety addition for any retail provider. It offers a hand free solution by simply pushing down on the foot peddle in order to dispense a full portion of hand sanitiser. It's ways to replace your preferred hand sanitizer as well as adjustable for ensuring a perfect fit and dispenser each time.

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