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Orliman Pediatric Foot Orthosis Ankle Support - Size 2

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AED 292.95

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Description: An orthosis manufactured with a rigid structure of high-density 4 mm-thick polyethylene, featuring a non-slip sole, Velcro straps to control dorsiflexion and interior foam lining. It functions as a progressive positional splint to prevent foot drop and muscle shortening during prolonged bed rest, especially the plantar flexor muscles. Features:
Anti-Slip Sole Foam inner lining Velcro adjustment straps Benefits:
Prevents plantar flexion by keeping the ankle in as close to a neutral position as possible, depending on the patient, and passively stretches the plantar fascia and calf muscles during the night. It helps to relieve the painful stabbing sensation to the heels with the first few steps in the morning. Improving circulation and blood flow while you sleep, which can help break up adhesions and scar tissue. Speed up the healing process by allowing you to treat your heel pain while you sleep. Wearing a night splint to keep the foot and arch stretched keeps the plantar fascia ligament from contracting and becoming less flexible (and more vulnerable to pain) in the morning. Size / Length x Height:
Size 1 / 17 x 22 cm Size 2 / 19 x 26,5 cm Dimension/Technical Date:
Product Dimension: L x W x H: 15 x 7 x 20 centimeter
Weight: 0.5 kg

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