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Medela Basic Suction Pump 071.0001

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AED 14,700

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Description The Medela Basic suction pump is hygienic, reliable and easy to use. Its membrane vacuum regulator builds up the vacuum within seconds, making the Basic suction pump suitable for applications that demand rapid suction and quiet operation. The pump is available in rack, portable and mobile models for convenient placement in endoscopy towers, at the patient's bedside or in the operating theatre. Complete the unit with the Disposable or the Reusable Fluid Collection System from Medela’s wide range of accessories. Key Differentiators Choice
– 3 versions of the Basic available (rack, portable and with trolley). Reliability
– Medela’s 50 years experience in suction alongside Swiss ingenuity and simplicity. Hygienic
– CleanTouch technology with a single piece, smooth hood design. User Friendly
– Easy to use, set up and perform routine checks. Flexible
– Designed to fit a range of disposable and reusable accessories. Indications / Intended Use Intended use of the Basic suction pump is the creation of a constant vacuum in the range of 0 to –90 kPa. This vacuum can be used for all applications in the hospital, clinic and doctors practice which require a vacuum in this setting such as: general surgery, endoscopy and nasopharyngeal suction. Rpms 48 Noise level [dB(A)] Measured in Medela acoustic room at 1m distance.
36.3 Vacuum regulator Membrane Protection against electric shock Type CF (cardiac floating: max. earth leaking current 10 ?A) Ingress Protection IP21 CE Marked Yes IEC 60601-1: 2005, Edition 3.0 fulfilled Yes Equipotential conductor On pump Housing design Hood, single piece On/off switch CleanTouch Technology - without gaps/grooves Overflow protection device Safety Set with mechanical overflow protection Warranty [years] 5 Shelf life [years] 2 Automatic voltage detection Yes (100-240 VAC) 50/60 Hz

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