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Lomar Disposable Lab Coat - White - Mediumimage tag

Lomar Disposable Lab Coat - White - Medium

AED 5.25
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AED 5.25

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Highlights :
• The lab coats feature a thoughtful collared design, extending protection to the neck area.
• The snap button closure adds convenience, allowing for a secure and efficient way to put on and take off the lab coats.
• Designed with a regular length, these lab coats offer standard coverage for the torso and upper legs.
• The universal size ensures a comfortable fit for a range of body types, promoting ease of movement during various tasks. Overview : This value pack provides a cost-effective solution with five individual disposable lab coats, ensuring you have an ample supply for various uses.The lab coats come in a pristine white color, not only aiding in easy identification but also maintaining a professional and clean appearance suitable for diverse work environments.


• Size Medium
• Color White

Fulfilled byMedikabazaar

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