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Jobri Deluxe Lumber Cushion Pillow

AED 425.25
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AED 425.25

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Description: Jobri BetterBack Deluxe Memory Lumbar Support, A6006BK, Black, these contoured lumbar supports have all the benefits of the regular lumbar supports, with a contour shape to hug the back. All the lumbar supports include an adjustable strap for easy attachment to the user's chair or car seat. Features:
Molded Winged Lumbar Cushion with a premium feel. Backside of the cushion is tapered for a Bucket seat design. 3/4 web strap with adjustable buckle to secure around any chair or car seat. Colors: Black, Blue, & Grey. Benefits:
This Lumbar support pillow is tremendously flexible, which helps to provide your spine with support without pushing it out of shape. Placing a lumbar support pillow behind your back helps to take some of the load off those muscles and can relieve those spasms, even in the least ergonomic office chairs. It will keep you from slouching in your seat and will keep your hips in a better position while youre driving. Regularly using a lumbar support pillow can actually help to improve your posture even when you arent sitting. Technical Details:
Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 3 inches
Weight: 1.0 kg

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