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Jobri Deluxe Footrest

AED 182.70
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AED 182.70

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Description: The Jobri footrests create a comfortable, productive position at your desk, helping reduce strain and improve circulation on your legs, back and neck. Easy to tilt with adjustable platforms and non-slip textured surfaces Features:
Rubberized, non-skid material on foot surface of plate Coated steel metal frame Angle and height can be adjusted by the user to three different settings. 16 Massaging rollers secured to top of plate and ideal for manual foot massage. Benefits:
Prevent computer-work and posture-related RSIs by elevating feet and legs to a comfortable, healthy height Improve posture and reduce back pain by facilitating more ergonomic postural angles through the entire body It helps reduce the risk of developing circulatory issues by positioning the legs and feet in the most neutral position while seated. Prevent numbness aches fatigue and stiffness that result from static muscles by moving more Improve circulation Increase energy levels Heighten focus especially with active footrest Technical Details:
Dimensions: 3.75 x 17.63 x 13.13
Weight: 1.5 kg

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