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Flaem Air Pro3000 Plus Heavy Duty Nebulizers

AED 1,050
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AED 1,050

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Description: Professional aerosol therapy unit for hospital use, home care and renting. The durable powerful compressor ensures continuous use, speed of operation and low noise level. The unit is equipped with an adjustable pressure knob to set pressure/flow rate and a gauge to control it for a more accurate therapy treatment (MMAD and FPF) and better compliance. It features a convenient nebulizer holder suitable for the most commonly used jet nebulizers that can easily fit to the right or left side of the device. The unit comes with the RF7 Dual Speed Plus nebulizer with valve system. It can be easily transported by means of the ergonomic integrated handle. Features And Benefits::
Heavy duty unit for hospital use Fast and effective RF7 Dual Speed Plus nebulizer with valve system Very silent Soft Touch adult and child mask 2m long tube Can be used with Rhino Clear nasal wash Professional air filter Adjustable knob and gauge to control pressure/flow rate Not standard supplied with the unit - can be purchased separately. Technical Details:
Height - 23.5 cm Weight - 2.4 kg Breadth - 12 cm Length - 26 cm In compliance with Dir. 93/42/EEC (for the 230 V ~ 50 Hz unit only): - Pump air flow: - 14 l/min (approx.) Power supply/Power: - 230 V~50 Hz/210 VA Sound level (at 1 m): - 55 dB (A) (approx.) Suction catheter air flow - 3.5 0.5 bar

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