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Fabrication Enterprises Inflatable Ball Body Exerciser

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AED 130.20

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Description: Exercise balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun. Balls are used as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy, by fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, as seats, and even by pregnant women in birthing classes. The CanDo balls have a non-slip PVC vinyl surface that is ribbed for extra security. The balls may be "under" inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflated for a firm, bouncy feel. Standard CanDo inflatable balls can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg) and are available in a polybag or retail box. Available in various sizes. Features: The ball has a weight resistance of 136 kg and is very versatile.
CanDo balls have a non-slip PVC vinyl surface thatis ribbed for extra security.
Anti-burst technology guaranteed not to explode when punctured. In case of punctures, the ball has been designed to deflate slowly. Benefits:
It helps the body respond to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, leading to greater activation of core muscles, which can result in improved back and spine health, core stability, posture, and muscle balance. Just sitting on the ball activates the stabilizer muscles and helps you connect with your center of gravity. Strengthening your core goes hand in hand with muscle balance, so the best exercises for muscle balance are the ones that will help you strengthen your core as well. Regularly exercising with the ball helps you maintain the natural curve of your spine, which helps you to keep from arching your back and protect the spine. Technical Details: Dimensions:
30" x 30" x 30" Weight:
4.0 lbs

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