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Clean Life No Rinse Body Wash - 8 oz

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AED 17.39

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Excellent Value: One 8 Ounce Bottle Makes 8 Complete Baths. Use When There is a Lack of Facilities, Physical Limitation, Discomfort or Fear of Bathing Occurs
Easy to Use: Simply Dilute One Ounce With 32 Ounces of Warm Water, Apply With a Wash Cloth and Towel Dry or Use Undiluted in Shower or Tub and Rinse in a Normal Manner
Safe and Healthy: No Alcohol Mean No Dryness. Gentle on Sensitive Skin and Leaves the Body Clean, Refreshed & Odor-free Overview : Whether youre on-the-go, dont have access to a shower or are caring for someone with limited mobility, its important to use a trusted product that is both effective and healthy for your body. Alcohol-free and approved by thousands of hospitals, CleanLife Products' No-Rinse Body Bath provides a convenient bathing alternative that leaves skin clean, refreshed and odor-free!


Size 8Oz

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