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Jmc Folder Walkers And Rollators - With Brake and Seat

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AED 771.75

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The folding walker with brake and seat allows individuals to be seated or to use it as a traditional walker by raising the seat to step inside the frame. This rollator easily folds with a dual lever, side paddle release, and comes with a soft, flexible backrest for comfort and stability while seated. Comes with 5 fixed front wheels for a smooth transportation over most surfaces. The 5 caster wheels provide a smooth transportation over most surfaces. Features:
Easily to fold and open powder coating, adjustable height Seat fixed on the front H tube, fold easily When put the seat down, it is fixed on the horizontal bar of the side frame A Fabrica backrest is on the back of the seat 2 Swivel wheels, 2 brake wheels on the frame Brake wheels are controlled by the brake device manually Benefits:
It easier to use, especially for those with more limited strength and mobility. This makes it easy for users to put on the brakes, then simply turn around and sit down, right on their walker. Incredibly convenient; and, for some people, it is vital to their health and well-being. Helps the walker to make tighter turns, so it is more maneuverable in tight spaces. This rollator that are designed to function both in your home and outdoors. Technical Details:
Dimensions: 47 x 54 x (78-93) cm
Weight: 3.9 kg

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