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Heydent Heytech MR Dental Veeners - HE411 A1 4g

AED 88

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AED 88

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Highlights :
Indicated for use in direct restorations of all cavity classes
Scientifically tested
Highly advanced physical properties
Excellent mechanical data
Polishes well, homogenous surface Overview : Dental veneers or thought about getting them. Dentists may recommend them as a way to conceal chipped, discolored, cracked, or broken teeth. These thin shells, often made of porcelain or a composite material, are applied to the front of your teeth by a dentist to improve their appearance. Because veneers are a permanent option, your dentist will usually need to spend some time preparing your tooth for one. To prepare the tooth for the veneer, it may be necessary to grind it down or remove part of it, including some of the enamel. Specifications :
Shade A1
Size 4g

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