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GV Health Blood Spill Kit

AED 90.30
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AED 90.30

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Highlights :
• Sprinkle Absorbent evenly on the spillage surface and allow to absorb residue and neutralize blood strain.
• Clean the Residue with the help of a Pan & brush, X-ray Sheet, and disinfectant the surface with a Paper towel.
• Ensure all PPE and used items are put in the clinical bag provided & Tie the bag to seal. Clinical Bag Overview :
A blood spill kit is a kit used for cleaning and disinfecting sites where blood has been spilled. Blood spill kits may also include biohazard containers for safe disposal of sharps, blood, or body fluid related contaminants. Safety First: Put on All PPE items before handling Spillage. Spray blood neutralizer over the spill & let it neutralize.

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