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10 x Face Shield, Pack of 10

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AED 126

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Highlights :

  • Full Face Coverage: Extends from eyebrows to chin, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Versatile Shielding: Guards against droplets, saliva, splashes, oil, and dust, making it suitable for various environments and tasks.
  • Anti-Fog Material: Designed to prevent fogging, maintaining clear visibility at all times.
  • Open Space on Top: Enhances airflow to further reduce the risk of fog formation.
  • Easy Maintenance: The face shield visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant, making it reusable and cost-effective.
  • Durable Design: Made from materials that withstand regular cleaning without degrading.

Overview :

The Protective Face Shield offers full face coverage from eyebrows to chin, guarding against droplets, saliva, splashes, oil, and dust. Designed for professional protection, it features an elastic band and sponge headband for extended comfort. The anti-fog material and open space on top prevent fogging, ensuring clear visibility. The shield is cleanable and reusable, made from durable, scratch-resistant materials that block over 98% of harmful dust. Its high-density polyethylene casing protects against chemicals and droplets. Packaged in a convenient set of 10, this face shield provides reliable, long-term protection for various environments.


Pack SizePack of 10
Closure TypeElastic

Fulfilled byMedikabazaar

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