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Euromed 6% Hydrogen peroxide solution 100ml

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AED 12.60

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Hydrogen Peroxide is used to prevent wound infection.
Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidising agent with antibacterial and antiviral activity.
It is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and deodorant. Overview : Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is an antiseptic and antifungal substance that is used to prevent infection on wounds. It releases oxygen and creates effervescence when applied to the skin (foams). This aids in the removal of dead skin and the cleaning of the wound, speeding up the healing process. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution should only be used externally. Always follow your doctor's instructions to the letter. Before applying, make sure the affected region is clean and dry. Before and after using this drug, thoroughly wash your hands. To obtain the most benefit from this medicine.


Size 1000ml

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