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ClinPro White Soft Cotton Ball - Pack of 100

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AED 9.45

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Highlights :
These cotton ball perfect to clean and cuts for scrapes or applying medicayion to skin
Incredibily soft and gentle on you and youe babies delicate skin
And it is used in the first aid box also for cleaning the wound
And these cotton ball is also used in the cosmetic purpose Overview : Cotton Balls made with extra soft, 100% pure non-chlorine bleached cotton which is absorbent, soft, compact and comes in uniform size and weight in handy packs. The soft cotton provides delicate sensation on the skin and natural care of Jaycot's pure cotton products.Use of special processing technology and high temperature treatment make sure the reliability of the cotton balls. Good water absorption and discharging capacity with no cotton residues. It does not contain chemical additives, hence making them safe for use and to make you feel relaxed. We supply them in weights as per the customer requirements. Our Product meets with various international standards. These products are tested on quality parameters before supplying in the market.


Pack of 100

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