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ClinPro CPR Face Shield - Blue & White Plastic Pack of 10image tag

ClinPro CPR Face Shield - Blue & White Plastic Pack of 10

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AED 4.94

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Highlights :
CPR Face Shields provides a barrier for mouth to mouth resuscitation and saves you from coming in direct contact with the individuals mouth
The permeable plastic filter saves you from the risk of ingesting harmful bacteria and toxins
The emergency face mask is a disposable valve that protects the savior during the first aid, prevents mouth-to-mouth contact and the risk of infection or contamination
CPR face shield is very compact Overview : Semi-transparent face shield allows visualization of patient's lips, mouth, and nose. Printed instructions and orientation guides are displayed clearly on each shield to help ensure correct use. Fits easily into purses and wallets.


Color Blue and White

Fulfilled byMedikabazaar

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