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Aveus ENT Diagnostic Set (AV-DS-2)image tag

Aveus ENT Diagnostic Set (AV-DS-2)

AED 420
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AED 420

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Aveus Otoscope has 3x magnification that produces distortion free images of the examined object.
The LED fixed and sealed into the otoscope head and cannot be changed because of its long life.
LED has 50,000 hours of extended lifetime. Ensure no replacement of LED ever in the lifetime of the instrument.
Excellent light output of 50K LUX.
Extended battery life of 50 HOURS due to low current consumption of LED.
With a colour temperature of 4000K and CRI>80 colours are visible as they are.
The Aveus Ophthalmoscope is designed for examination of the eye.
Made from impact resistant re-enforced plastic.
Enhanced Xenon/Halogen super bright light.

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