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Vissco Cast Cover Arm - from Waist to Elbow (PC 0826)image tag

Vissco Cast Cover Arm - from Waist to Elbow (PC 0826)

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AED 32.55

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When to use -use to protect casts or bandages against water exposure during taking bath & in rains it can be used to protect open wounds caused due to lacerations and burns it is also used to protect skin in certain dermatological conditions
Scientific and ergonomic design this support is scientifically designed to protect and increase the service life of the cast it helps to keep the wound dry it is reusable and user friendly
Long lasting & durable material made from long-lasting and durable material to protect the cast and bandage the silicone cover completely seals the area and prevents water entry
How to wear - strh out the silicone hole for limb entry carefully insert the cast or bandage part of the limb completely cover the cast or bandage ensure the silicone hole is properly sealed to the skin Overview : Vissco Cast Cover designed to provide waterproof protection and peace of mind throughout your recovery journey. Whether your cast is up to the ankle, knee, or thigh, we have a cast cover for all needs. This waterproof cast cover features a tight silicone seal that acts as a dependable barrier against moisture. This innovative design ensures that you can confidently shower, swim, or simply enjoy life without the constant worry of your cast becoming damp or compromised.Crafted with both functionality and comfort in mind, our cast covers are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and flexible, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit over your cast. The tight silicone seal effectively safeguards your cast, keeping it dry and intact, while enabling you to maintain your daily routines.


Length: From Waist to

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