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Orliman Short Walker Foot Support - 1 32-38

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AED 286.65

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A single piece, light, resistant design with open heel and fastening straps for circumference compression. Transpirable material covering pad for the leg, foot and ankle. Low-profile sole in the form of a slip-proof balance. Features:
H-Track system ensures that the walker is always in the correct position. Lightweight and durable design Non-slip, low-profile rocker sole, making walking easier Includes a wraparound pad for the leg, ankle and foot made from breathable material featuring an air bag (with inflation pump and regulator valve) that optimises the contact surface for greater containment effectiveness. Comes with four protective pads (one of which is for the toes). Fastening straps to ensure a snug fit and full immobilisation. Specifications: Body Part: Ankle, Foot Pathology: Achilles tendon, Foot and ankle fractures Product Range: Orthesis for Ankle Control, Walkers Colour: Grey Brand: Orliman Benefits:
Immobilisation and containment of the upper ankle joint including the foot and ankle. Decreased loading on the heel during the initial ground contact phase. Orliman Fix Air Walker EST-088 is extremely supportive and speeds up the healing process. It is useful for sufferers of acute plantar fasciitis, stable fractures, ligament injuries and those who are post-op. With its rocker sole offers stability and aids with gait and soft padded lining ensures comfort. Size / Shoe Size / Height:
Size 1 / 32-38 / 34,5 Size 2 / 38-42 / 41,5 Size 3 / 42-46/ 44,5 Dimension/Technical Date:
Product Dimension: L x W x H: 15 x 7 x 20 centimeter
Weight: 0.5 kg

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