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Jobri Invalid Ring White Cushion Pillow - Medium

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AED 198.45

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Description: Ring cushions are designed to relieve pressure on the perineum, assist with pain relief of bruised coccyx (tailbone), and help with hemorrhoid discomfort. Made of molded high compression foam for maximum support and durability, covered with a removable poly/cotton white or plaid cover. Features:
High quality molded foam is covered with 100% cotton cover. Covered with a removable poly/cotton cover. Made of high compression foam for maximum support and durability. Foam cushion is fire-resistant and is with anti-allergy cover. Sitting Ring Cushion Molded Polyurethane Reduces Pressure on Tailbone Washable Cotton Cover Benefits:
You can use them anywhere - at home, in the office or in the car They can adapt to your body shape to work for you They alleviate direct pressure and provide high quality support Effective pain relief Suitable for anyone who would like comfort Can be used daily Spare covers are available for them Provide ventilation Help to improve posture Changing our sitting style is a great alternative for those of us who do not have as much time for the gym as wed like. Technical Details:
45 x 40 x 7 centimeter Small 16", Medium 18", Large 20" Available Sizes: 16, 18, 20 Available Colors : Plaid & White

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