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AED 248.85

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Description: Jobri Betterneck Cervical Roll can help reduce head, neck, shoulder, and back discomfort. A cervical roll is designed to properly align the spine, keeping the upper body and back muscles relaxed and free from tension. They are great to use for traveling, watching TV, reading or sleeping. Features:
Memory foam roll that contours to the body Two diameters available (4" and 6") Washable, hypoallergenic cover made from ecru velour fabric Made of high-quality memory foam. Cylindrical rolls can be used as a neck roll, lumbar support, shoulder support, travel pillow, etc.! Benefits:
Jobri Betterneck Cervical Roll, promotes natural sleeping habits for back or side sleepers, by providing support to the neck and maintaining a neutral posture in the cervical spine while in a lying position Memory cervical rolls can help reduce head, neck, shoulder, and back discomfort. The roll helps to keep your neck in a favorable position as you lie on your back or your side. It can be used in several places on the body: under the neck, under the head (offering superior back alignment), under the knees (good for lower back problems), and behind the back to support the lumbar region. Promotes relaxation of the muscles and optimal positioning of the bones to minimize nerve pressure The cover is machine washable and dryable, featuring a softer material to help increase comfort during use Technical Details:
Dimensions: 40 x 173 x 49 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg

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