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Fengjie Wall Mounted Manual Hand Soap - 1000 ml Whiteimage tag

Fengjie Wall Mounted Manual Hand Soap - 1000 ml White

AED 45.15
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AED 45.15

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• Fixed Fluid Output :The liquid volume of this soap dispenser is about 0.8ml each time, and you can get the foam according to your needs?so you take only what you need,reduce waste and costs, Ideal for small Businesses including restaurant hand-washing stations, office break rooms and restrooms, health care exam rooms nurses’ stations and more.
• Top Quality & Value : This soap dispenser is extremely DURABLE and made of high-quality plastic, with transparent viewing window,Security key and lock, it hides scratches and is easy to keep clean.After testing, the movement can be used more than 50,000 times, and the life cycle of manual SOAP Dispenser is 5-10 years
• Easy Mounting and Refill : Attaches to most wall surfaces allowing easy access to manual foam soap dispenser in high traffic areas.ADA-COMPLIANT when properly mounted. Refilling is easy- simply unlock the soap dispenser, place the Foam hand sanitizer, and close!

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